Case study

Geneea’s NLP in Keboola Connection

General NLP Platform Voice of the Customer

Keboola provides its customers with the perfect solution for extraction, analysis and storage of structured data. Reflecting the current trend, however, customers have shown a great interest in working with unstructured textual data as well. In response to these demands, Keboola turned to Geneea for help.

We integrated our powerful NLP software into Keboola’s platform making it possible for customers to easily add a large amount of text, process it and visualize the results.


  • Keboola specializes in structured data analysis
  • Increase in demand for textual data analysis


  • Integrating Geneea’s NLP platform into Keboola Connection
  • Automatic access to all extractors and writers


  • Automatic access to textual analysis without the need to create a new interface
  • Possibility to load data from numerous systems (e.g.,
  • Visualization of textual data in various systems such as Tableau, GoodData, etc.

Keboola provides a data integration and collaboration platform for loading data from various sources including social networks, web services, and internal databases. Enhanced results can be written to GoodData, SAP, Tableau, Elastic, Salesforce, MySQL, AWS, etc.

Keboola partners with professional service companies (such as, StartupMetrics, Ascoria and others) to offer the best solutions to their clients taking care of their business data processing and management.