Intelligent Text Interpretation

Geneea helps you analyze large amounts of text

Whether it is customer feedback, a news article, a social media post, a blog, an email, or a document in your archive, Geneea can turn it into actionable information. Employ text analytics to cut costs and boost revenues.

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The Interpretor

Where can Geneea help you?

Journalism Powered by AI

Geneea’s solutions for media employ artificial intelligence and natural language processing to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

When a journalist writes an article, we suggest the photos, keyword tags, related articles, and side boxes. Actually, with enough data, we can also automatically write the article text.


Automatic Article Tags

Voice of the Customer

Analyze feedback from your customers, whether it is public comments on sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Facebook, or ones you collect from them.

Get a better understanding of NPS scores through a detailed analysis of the accompanying comments.

We can link comments to specific products and services, extracting the attributes and sentiment they are connected with.


Voice of Customer

Customer Care Automation

Send incoming tickets or emails to the representative who is best equipped to handle them based on their language, topic, and sentiment.

Detect intent in chats and answer frequently asked questions automatically. Handle part of your L1 support automatically, leaving only the complex problems to human operators.

Provide assistance to your representatives by automatically displaying related questions and relevant knowledge base articles.

Customer Care

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