Journalism Powered by AI

Geneea’s solutions for media employ artificial intelligence and natural language processing to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

When a journalist writes an article, we suggest the photos, keyword tags, related articles, and side boxes. Actually, with enough data, we can also automatically write the article text.

Often, this is called robotic journalism or media automation, but we prefer to call it empowering the journalists. It leaves them time to be more creative, removes the stress in high-volume events, improves the reuse of existing content, lowers costs, and broadens the audience.

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Article Tagger

Tagging tens of thousands of articles with millions of views every day.

Get the best tags with our highly customizable, multilingual, and self-learning tagger, which combines keyword extraction, concept deduction, and classification.

Its blend of AI and rule-based modules relies on our huge and ever-growing knowledge base of facts, which integrates open-source and proprietary datasets.

Use our automatic tagger to improve user segmentation, advertisement targeting, SEO, and much more.

consistent • self-learning • reliable • IPTC / IAB

Article Tagger: Adding semantic tags to articles
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Photo Assistant: Photo suggestions

Photo Assistant

Find the right photos lightning fast.

The assistant analyzes the text of an article and then automatically searches for relevant photos across multiple photobanks, including our partners’s photos, big and small third-party photobanks, public photos from Wikipedia, etc.

We can also index or query your own photos. Naturally, we understand multiple languages and metadata formats.

save time • save money • use more of your own photos

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Article Generator

Use artificial intelligence to turn data into stories.

Our generator can produce hundreds of accurate, varied, engaging and polished articles in real time. Sports, weather, elections, statistics, ...

Personalize your articles for different audiences. Be relevant and address them on a local level. Empower authors by letting them focus on high-value work.

Discover how powerful, customizable, and scalable our NLG system is.

save time • handle massive throughput • cover niche areas

Article Generator: Covering football match
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Article Generator
Geneea in the Press

The Czech News Agency used NLG to cover the Czech election. Hundreds of reports were created in hours.

“The reporting process was significantly accelerated. Our reporters did not waste time rewriting and copying results, so they could immediately focus on the reactions and post-election negotiations.”

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