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Our generator can produce hundreds of accurate, engaging, and polished articles in real time. Sports, weather, elections, statistics — you name it.

Personalize your articles for different audiences. Be relevant — address them at their local level. Empower authors by giving them time to concentrate on high-value work.

Discover how powerful, customizable and scalable our natural language generation (NLG) system is.

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“The reporting process was significantly accelerated. Our reporters did not have to waste time rewriting and copying results. They could immediately concentrate on the reactions and post-election negotiations.”

Radka Matesová Marková, Editor-in-Chief, CTK

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Use Cases



Handle, flawlessly and at speed the high load of reporting on elections and other important events. You can be sure the numbers are accurate and the names are spelled correctly.

You can effortlessly report both interim and final results, with separate articles for a country as a whole, regions and individual towns and districts. Generate shorter versions for a quick online livestream, plus more detailed versions for in-depth articles. Automatically compare current results with previous elections or pre-election surveys.

Sports game

Sport news

Report on the course of the game and its result, or give a pre-game summary. Or summarize events over the last week in a league. Cover both mainstream and niche sports and major and local leagues.

The generator’s speed enables you to report live on important twists in a game, such as goals, red cards or penalties in football, points in basketball, or a change in race leadership in cycling. Report on interesting statistics, compare teams with their rivals, and current and previous results.


Weather reports

Automatically write thousands of targeted weather reports: for an entire country, or region, or town. You can even hyper-localize to particular quarters or mountains.

Personalize the reporting for gardeners, hikers, runners, skiers, stargazers, drivers, farmers, fishermen, school districts, and so on. Some people care about temperatures during the night, others couldn't care less. Some wait for rain, some hope for a sunny day.

Other uses: Localized news on road traffic, product descriptions for e-commerce, financial reports, real estate and travel service alerts and notifications, live reporting from IoT devices, etc. In short, if there is data, we can transform it into great text.



You can generate hundreds, thousands, or even more articles at speeds far faster than an office full of reporters could achieve. Now you can report on important events practically instantly, in real time.


From the same data you can get different texts for different platforms and audiences, longer or shorter versions, etc. It can be scaled to your needs.


No typos, no grammar errors, no incorrectly copy-pasted numbers. The generator maintains a consistent tone and quality of articles and always adheres to your style guide's principles.


Generator can recommend the best photos for the article, add tags, hyperlinks, sideboxes, or info pop-ups.

Become international

Extend your content to audiences that speak other languages. You can also enhance your articles with regional language variations.

Cover niche areas

Increase your traffic by broadening your content and exploring new topics and areas you otherwise wouldn't have the resources to cover. Report hyper-localized news so as to be more relevant to more people.

Get a larger audience

Get a larger audience with multiple versions of a story. Tailor your articles differently for experts and for laymen, for fans of opposing football teams, or from a neutral point of view.

Empower journalists

Free journalists from the tedious work of copying and pasting data, and let them do more creative and valuable work. Adopting the new methods early gives you an edge.



  • Metadata: tags, categories, dates, etc.
  • Multiple versions: long and short versions for specific audiences, multiple languages, etc.
  • Context information: sideboxes, hyperlinks, pop-ups
  • Graphs and images

Knowledge Base

  • Use the power of our huge, carefully curated, and ever-growing knowledge base.
  • We know the districts and regions of cities, the industries of companies, politicians' parties, the generic names of drugs, and much more.

Grammar Expert

(so you don't have to deal with it)
  • Irregular declensions, foreign names, with or without accents, preposition vocalization, cases, agreement, gender, and derivation
  • Numeric expressions, date formats
  • Other scary stuff

Smooth Integration

  • Robust and scalable
  • Well-defined REST API
  • Output formats you need: XML, HTML, plain text, or custom formats
  • Continuous development, expanding by the day.
  • Fully supported by our team of experts.

Two Approaches

Genja Capek
Basic principle Smart templates AI trained to produce the desired style
Main benefits Very economic solution Great style and variability
Fully manageable by the client Fully managed by Geneea
Fast and accurate
Perfect grammar
System infrastructure managed by Geneea; integration via REST API
Data acquisition Data obtained by the client or Geneea
Data analytics Managed by the client or by Geneea Managed by the client or by Geneea
Article structure Managed by Geneea to meet the customer’s needs
Grammar, numbers, format, etc. Solved by Geneea
Languages supported English, Czech; additional languages coming soon
Use of Geneea Knowledge Base Supported
How quickly can the solution be delivered? Instantly 3–12 weeks, depending on the complexity of the project
Pricing Onboarding, including training System setup and training of AI modules
Price per article (plans available)