Our Team

Geneea team

At Geneea, we have a variety of professional backgrounds. As a team, we possess a unique set of skills, striking the perfect balance needed to create a great product for you. We nurture our creative spirit, value authenticity and commitment, and build on mutual trust and respect.

Quick Facts and Figures

  • We’re a team of 21, based in Prague, with clients all over Europe (and beyond).
  • We know how to train AI and have experts in computational linguistics. We know our NLP!
  • We make software that automatically listens to, reads, and analyzes text.
  • We’re proficient at creating articles from scratch using structured data.
  • We're proud of having the best Czech, German, and French entity recognition on the market.
  • We're on a mission to organize all your produced and collected content so you can speed up your processes and improve your customer journey.

Our clients ask us to: analyze, sort, and summarize reviews, articles, and recordings; search them for locations, people, etc.; and enrich them with metadata, add keywords, suggest photos, and detect sentiment.

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We help media houses, radio and TV broadcasters, search engines, e-shops, shopping platforms, restaurant and retail chains, market research and consulting firms, banks, insurance companies, advertising agencies, car manufacturers, NGOs, etc.

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Our History Year by Year

  • Founded in Prague
  • Team of four
  • First version of Interpretor, our generic NLP platform
  • First version of our knowledge base
  • Cash-flow positive
  • First customer outside the Czech Republic
  • First U.S. customer
  • Text categorization available for 90+ languages
  • Began cooperation with Swiss RTS and Radio France
  • Knowledge base is regularly updated,
    integrates multiple sources and is fully customizable
  • Team of 21 (13 core members, 8 support members)
  • New version of Frida, our visualization tool
  • Began cooperation with Mediahuis
  • ...