Voice of the Customer

Extract insights from
customer feedback

Understand the reasons behind NPS scores and stars in reviews with text and sentiment analytics.

With effective Voice of the Customer monitoring, you can find gaps in your customer experience, increase sales, and more effectively retain customers.

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Dealing with large quantities of customer feedback?

With our tools, you can easily and quickly analyze large amounts of data, whether they arise out of NPS surveys, support tickets, social media comments, feedback tools, or app store reviews. Our system can process any amount of data. It can be analyzed weekly, monthly, real-time, or in any way that suits you. If you would like to get more data, we can access and analyze your reviews from public sites like Google reviews, Tripadvisor, and more.

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Quickly categorize all your feedback into standard or customized categories to find insights.


Understand the overall emotion of your customers about your brand and products.

Keyword Tags

Use automatic keyword tags for fast sorting and orientation.

NPS Trends

Detect new trends and anomalies in your NPS score.

Categorize Your Feedback

Our artificial intelligence can automatically code all of your feedback based on multiple categories that can be customized for your needs.

Display feedback with standard or customized categories, such as price, staff, product quality, reasons for unsubscribing, etc.

With our easy root cause analytics, you can go even deeper and display only the positive or negative feedback or really specific terms like “helpful staff” or “slow service.”

Voice of the customer - Categorization.
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Analyze Sentiment

Sentiment analysis detects the emotions of the author as reflected in the text. Does the customer have positive, negative, or mixed feelings about their experience?

With our sentiment analysis, you can not only see the overall sentiment, but also the specific sentiment about your service quality, staff, products, and more.

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Automatic Keyword Tags

Know which topics are the most discussed based on automatic tags assigned to every NPS verbatim, review, or ticket.

You can choose a model tuned to a specific industry, such as banking, hospitality, retail, or automotive to ensure that you always get the most relevant tags.

Voice of the cutomer - Word cloud
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Voice of the customer - NPS score

Detect Trends

Discover new trends over time and detect anomalies. Gain the ability to easily find out what is behind them.

You can go from monitoring your NPS score over time to easily analyzing the causes of change, whether it is positive or negative.

Understanding Voice of the Customer trends is much easier with our standardized tags and industry-specific categories.

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Overall Benefits

Easily analyze your Voice of the Customer and extract data from NPS, reviews, tickets, and other feedback channels.

Automatically organize the data using categories, keyword tags, and sentiments.

Visualize issues faster and cheaper while giving your agents and analysts powerful tools to detect your strong points and opportunities, and increase customer satisfaction with your brand.

Voice of the customer - Benefits
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3 Steps to Production

Step 1


Let us know what you need. Our experts will analyze your requirements and suggest the best setup. There is no commitment required from your side.

Custom model tuning
Step 2

Custom model tuning

Using historical data (e.g., Google reviews), we can customize a model specifically to your needs. Or, you can choose one of our off-the-shelf solutions.

Step 3


Once ready, the AI models can be accessed via our REST API or Keboola integration. Or, if you prefer, just send us Excel or CSV files whenever you need to.


Data interpretation

We can help you to visualize and follow the most important features of verbatim feedback in tools like Tableau, Power BI, and Google Data Studio.

Geneea Uses Artificial Intelligence to Analyze
Large Amounts of Text Every Day.

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Case Study

Heureka logo
Automatic text analysis in action

Customer feedback automated summary

Heureka collects a large quantity of customer feedback on individual products and e-shops. To further enhance the user experience for their customers, Heureka needed the countless reviews to be summarized.

Read the story

Connect the tools
you already use

  • Connect the tools you already use. In Keboola Connection, a few clicks are enough to integrate our text analysis engine into the same pipeline with data scraping, visualization with Tableau or Google Data Studio, and more.
  • Integrate through our REST API.
  • We also support custom integrations.
  • In case your tools do not support integration, you can just send us Excel or CSV files whenever you need to.
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A graph depicting the integration workflow in Keboola
A text analysis visualization
Text analysis visualization

From data to insights

Visualizations help understanding. Our system can be easily connected with tools like Power BI, Google Data Studio, Qlik, and Tableau. This allows us to display the results of our text analytics in conjunction with other metadata on dashboards tailored to a particular audience.

Explore example visualizations

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