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Monitoring VoC for Hello bank!

Taking care of 350,000 clients and providing them with only the highest quality services is no walk in the park. To meet this challenge, the Czech branch of Hello bank! has been collecting and analyzing feedback from its clients from many sources, and seeking ways to make the lengthy and mostly manual process more efficient. Hello bank! implemented Geneea’s custom-made NLP solution that analyzes and sorts all texts, quickly and automatically.

VoC Analyzer
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  • Too many answers to open-ended questions
  • Feedback collected from multiple touchpoints and multiple tools (Satismeter, Click4Survey)
  • Incoming texts sorted manually
  • No option to prioritize negative feedback


  • Use Geneea’s NLP engine to automatically:
    • analyze every review
    • detect sentiment
    • add tags and categories
  • Single source of truth summarizing all data
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  • Daily, easily understood overviews of customer feedback received
  • Feedback quickly sorted by positive and negative sentiment, keywords, and categories
  • CX team quickly passes clients’ compliments and needs to appropriate managers
  • Automated visualization of analysis results in Tableau
  • Easy creation of monthly CX development reports
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“By integrating Geneea into the Hello bank! ecosystem, we have acquired a powerful tool that has helped us translate the voice of the customer into the daily life of the company. We got closer to our customers and have significantly improved our customer service.”

Tereza Dohnalová, Customer experience animation professional, Hello bank!

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Customers’ opinions, comments, and compliments are of great value to a growing business, and one of the main pillars of its success. But it is essential to process and address customer feedback quickly. By automating the task and creating a clear, categorized database of text answers from all sources used, Geneea helped Hello bank! to simplify the work of its CX team and improve customer satisfaction.

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About Hello bank!

Hello bank! is a digital direct bank owned by BNP Paribas. It started operations in 2013 and is active in France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, and Austria. It offers services such as banking, brokerage, insurance, loans, and savings. In BNP Paribas’ own words, it is “the first 100% digital mobile bank in Europe.”

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