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Identifying locations for Radio France

In order to achieve equal coverage of the entire country in their broadcasts, Radio France, a committed player in the democratic space, wants to know which parts are currently covered the most and the least. The local station France Bleu Drôme Ardèche collaborated with us for four months as part of the innovative Sandbox Radio France program aimed at "geo-documenting" its content.

It sounds like a simple task, but the process of searching for locations is actually rather complex. Our NLP engine proved to be the perfect solution for accomplishing this. Every day, audio recordings are automatically analyzed and the results are presented in the form of reports, spreadsheets and easy-to-analyze overview maps.

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Recognizing 35,000 French locations
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  • Insufficient coverage of areas that are less newsworthy despite generating a significant number of listener calls or having a large population
  • Manual searching for locations in audio recordings is very lengthy, costly, and difficult
  • Information about location coverage not easily available


  • Download shows from RSS feeds or Radio France Open API
  • Convert audio to text
  • Analyze text and find locations (try this in our demo)
  • Enrich and summarize the results
    • Add information: INSEE (the French statistical office) codes, population, number of callers to the programs, time stamps linking to the original recording
    • Make all texts available in Frida, Geneea’s document viewer
    • Produce reports by municipality, region, etc.
    • Visualize results on maps with links to Frida
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  • Automatic detection of 34,990 French communes and other locations
  • The shows mention approximately three locations every minute – on average
  • Nice overview maps generated daily for four shows presented by Radio France Bleu Drôme Ardèche
  • Identified locations accompanied by statistical codes, départements, regions,
    a comparison with local populations, the original recording, and transcribed texts
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Providing equal coverage of all French cities, towns, and villages in their national and local programs is of paramount importance to Radio France. Thanks to Geneea’s help, it can now easily access a simple overview of covered locations that is updated daily. It can adjust its broadcasts based on this data and stay connected to all of its audiences. It goes without saying that the listeners appreciate this.

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About Radio France

Created in 1975, Radio France is a national broadcasting company that was established as a public limited company, with the state as its sole shareholder. The company's ambition is to ensure that its public service missions are carried out over the long term for the benefit of all of the people of France.

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