Case study

Review summarization for Heureka

  • Voice of the customer
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Automatic summarization
  • Retail

As Europe's largest price comparison website and online shopping advisor, Heureka collects a vast amount of customer feedback on individual products and e-shops. In order to further enhance the customer experience, Heureka needed those countless reviews to be summarized. Considering the scale of the project, the only way to do this was employ tailor-made automatic text analysis.

Automatic summarization on Heureka's website 91% of customers find the feature helpful


  • 64,000 products with 350,000 reviews
  • 26,500 e-shops with 2,800,000 reviews
  • 135,000 new reviews every month
  • Too many reviews for each product/e-shop for a human to read and make sense of


  • Automatically analyze every review using Geneea's NLP engine.
  • Summarize pros and cons for all e-shops and products with enough reviews
  • Update summaries daily
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  • 91% of customers find the product review summarization helpful
  • 86% of the customers consider the e-shop review summarization useful
  • 95% of the customers appreciate the simplicity and comprehensibility of the summarizations
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Automatic summarization on the Heureka website, image 1
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Project details

Unlike simple keyword matching, our aspect-based sentiment analysis allows Heureka to see beyond individual expressions. For example, a phone review is tagged with “+ Long-lasting battery” whether it praises a strong battery, amazing battery, impressive 5,000 mAh battery, or mentions that the phone lasts two days without charging or lasts a long time between charges.

In a similar way, Geneea's NLP summarizes properties of TVs, vacuum cleaners, dog food, perfumes, tires and more. Obviously, it interprets great colors differently in a TV review and in a review of a T-shirt.

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Automatic summarization on the Heureka website, image 2


In the world of price comparison websites and online shopping advisors, a large volume of customer feedback is essential. However, a good summary of the feedback and a clear presentation of that summary are just as important. After implementing Geneea’s solution, Heureka conducted an extensive survey asking customers if they found the new summaries comprehensible and helpful. Overwhelmingly, they did.

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About Heureka

Heureka is the leading e-commerce shopping platform in Central and Eastern Europe. With its portfolio of price comparison websites, it holds market leader positions in nine European countries. Over 20 million unique users visit the platform every month, looking for the best sites at which to shop for products from Heureka’s catalog of 25 million items.

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