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Article tagging for VLM

The mission of VLTAVA LABE MEDIA (VLM) is to inform, entertain and help its readers. In response to the growing interest in online information and entertainment, the publisher decided to use keyword tags to make it easier for readers to find their way around the myriad articles on its websites. However, tags were assigned to individual articles manually and only on some sites. Geneea now analyzes all articles automatically, and then assigns consistent tags to them.

Tag extraction
900 hours a month saved on manual tagging

Tagging news with 100,000,000 pageviews every month

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  • 1,000–1,500 new articles daily
  • 3,700,000 already existing articles
  • Tags assigned manually or not at all
  • Loss of journalists’ valuable time
  • Tags inconsistent and duplicative
  • Difficult to find related content
  • Difficult to do traffic analytics


  • Automatically analyze articles using Geneea’s NLP engine
  • Use our knowledge base of 10 million items
  • Train AI models based on VLM’s requirements
  • Incorporate feedback
  • Integrate existing tags
  • Integrate Geneea’s platform into VLM’s CMS
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  • Tags assigned automatically to all articles
  • New tags suggested for new topics
  • 50,000 new tags added to existing articles
  • Average time saved per article: 3 minutes, i.e. 900 hours per month
  • Tags consistent across all websites
  • More detailed web traffic analysis
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Screenshots of VLM's CMS and live web

Here you can see our tags as they are suggested in VLM’s content management system. Journalists can remove those that they don’t like or add additional ones, retraining the AI models inside Geneea’s tagger. The next screenshot shows the tags as they appear on a live VLM webpage.

A screenshot from VLM's CMS, with tags provided by Geneea. Tags suggested by Geneea ↑
← Tags suggested by   Geneea ← Tags suggested   by Geneea ← Tags suggested by Geneea ↑ Tags suggested by Geneea
A screenshot of an article on a newspaper's website, with tags provided by Geneea.
Tags on the live web → Tags on the live web → ↑ Tags on the live web
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“We are excited to be working with Geneea. VLM journalists have gained more time for their creative work, and editors and readers appreciate the consistency of tags across all VLM sites.”

Karel Vetchý, Vltava Labe Media, a.s.

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One of the prerequisites for readers to spend a lot of time on news websites and to return frequently is the clarity and connectedness of the pages and easy searchability. Thanks to its cooperation with Geneea and the automation of the entire process of assigning quality and consistent labels, VLM has succeeded in doing just that. In addition, more detailed website traffic analytics allows VLM to better track popular topics, dedicate more resources to them, and bring new readers to its web pages.

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About Vltava Labe Media

With its 70 regional newspapers and 16 magazines, Czech publishing house VLTAVA LABE MEDIA a.s. is one of the largest and most stable publishing houses in the region. It has been operating in the Czech media market since 1992. The company's web portfolio is visited by 5.5 million real unique readers every month and this number is constantly increasing.

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